Saturday, February 19, 2011

Second child

Here's some additional photos of our second baby.  By the way, as you can guess, my husband and I went from "not really liking cats that much" to "adoring them"!!!!


 These are rare photos, when the two cats actually spent some time together.  This is really "Elly's" chair, but somehow she let her brother share it with her.


Casper is our "small" kitty.  He is eight months old. He gets into anything and everything he can.  We really didn't want a second kitty.  We were very happy with Elly, but one day, our daughter rescued this little tike who was infested with ear mites, worms, and fleas.  Yuck!  We brought him to the vet and once we got him healthy, we were supposed to give him away.   Many family and friends said, "you'll keep him" and they were right. Well..........Elly was not happy with this new addition to our family! She hissed and growled at this baby. Casper weighed 1 lb. and Elly weighed in at 19 lbs. and it was quite hilarious to see Casper attack this big black cat. 


Elly is our "large" kitty.  She is 6 years old.  We got her for the kids (I have twins - a boy and a girl) when they were in third grade, and now are freshmen in high school.  This was a compromise for a dog.  My husband and I didn't really like cats all that much, but we didn't want to take on the responsibility of taking care of a dog.  So, one day, daddy brought home this itty bitty black kitty.

Elly and Casper

I have two cats.  Elly is our first. She is completely black except with a few white strands of hair underneath her chin.  Casper is our second. He is all white with some orange markings on his head and circles on his tail which look like a racoons. This is when they met each other.  As you can tell, there's quite a size difference here.